Discover Prophecy Seminar, Revelation Reveals: Hope for a World In Crisis

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    “This is the most outstanding seminar I have attended.” ~~~ “Bible prophecy has become so clear.” ~~~ “I can face the future with confidence.”
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    1. The Bible will be our textbook. 2. You will gain a clear understanding of the prophecies. 3. This is a free seminar. No registration fees.
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    FREE Admission (and parking) - FREE study guides - FREE children's program (ages 3-10) - FREE email updates
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  • Night 1

    Sunday, March 15 • 7 pm • Discover the Prophecy That Changed World History - There is a powerful prophecy in the book of Daniel that changed the course of world history. What does it say? How can it change the course of my life?
  • Night 2

    Monday, March 16 • 7pm • Discover the Prophetic Signs of the Times: Are We Approaching Armageddon? - Significant things are happening in our world today. Rebellions in the Middle East. Constant natural disasters. Worldwide economic collapse. Are these the prophetic signs announcing the end times?
  • Night 3

    Tuesday, March 17 • 7 pm • Discover What Happens in Earth’s Last Hour - Bible prophecy gives us a picture of the most cataclysmic event of earth’s history: the return of Jesus Christ.  Is it fact or fiction?
  • Night 4

    Thursday, March 19 • 7 pm • Discover Revelation’s 1000 Years of Peace - The book of Revelation describes a time of lasting peace. How can this happen? Is the time near?
  • Discover Hope

    In the midst of a chaotic world and troubled economy, Pastors David & Robb invite you to come and be encouraged.
  • More Upcoming Topics...

    70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel 9 • Seven Seals • The Gospel and Salvation • America in Prophecy • Revelation's Remnant • Anti-christ and the Mark of the Beast • What Happens When You Die • And other exciting Biblical topics